Friday, October 03, 2008

Healthcare Will Never Be the Same!

Liberty had a special Ribbon Ceremony for the nursing students on Tuesday night, 10/30. Cindy Lewis and I got to go up to see Leigh Anna and Katie Beth receive their blue ribbons as new inductees in the program. Those of you who know Leigh Anna know that we tease her quite a bit about being a "klutz." (In our family no one is allowed to take themselves too seriously, so everyone gets teased. We believe in equality.) But she really is a determined and accomplished young lady. (We just all cringe a bit at the thought of her coming at someone with a syringe!) She's worked hard to get admitted into the nursing program - only a fourth of those trying, get in. Now that she's in, she'll have to work very hard to make it through the rigorous program. But - Leigh Anna loves a challenge. She has a heart to use her medical training for the Lord, to be His hands and feet for hurting people as they emphasized in the ceremony.

The Lewis girls - Meagan's a senior in the nursing program, due to graduate in December and get married in January - Katie's in Leigh Anna's class and received her ribbon as well - Cindy was the school nurse at Northside Christian Academy the last eight years and has just gone back to mom/baby nursing at a local hospital. Great gals, all three of them! We're proud of them as is their husband and father, Ken.

Some of the professors in the nursing department handed out the candles.
The entire sophomore class. If you think you're seeing a giant pair of blue jeans in the background you're not mistaken. It seems that Jonathan Falwell is preaching a sermon series at Thomas Road right now and uses these giant jeans as a prop for his message. It made for an interesting and rather surreal background for this dignified ceremony.
Speaking of dignified ceremonies - here are some of Leigh Anna's friends that attended -Dani, Cimber, Ryan, Kyle, Julie and Meagan. She's so blessed to have such great friends who encourage and love her, but dignified doesn't describe some of them, especially her cousin Kyle who yelled out her name every chance he got. We're just hoping she doesn't get kicked out of the program because of it. Thanks Kyle!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Grandest Ones of All

We're never happier than when we are with our granddaughters. Last weekend we got to go to Raleigh and see the whole gang. Eden was dedicated in the Sunday morning service at Providence and we celebrated Bennett's 2nd birthday while we were all together (Leigh Anna even came in from Lynchburg). Bennett turned 2 on Monday, September 22. In just a few weeks we'll have to update this picture by adding Greta's new baby brother, soon-to-be-born, William Scott. For now, we just imagine what his world will be like with these three girls telling him what to do.

Bama Beats Georgia!

We had a great time watching Bama beat Georgia Saturday night. Pam, Frank, Nathan, and Allison came over and they brought this great cake that they made themselves. I think it was a group effort. It not only looked awesome but tasted good too. We pulled off such a great win against a higher ranked team that I think they should make one every week for the rest of the season. Hey, we're not superstitious, but it can't hurt! Final score - Bama 41, Georgia 30.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Bridal Shower for Meagan

We had a bridal tea for Meagan last Saturday and lots of friends came and helped shower her with gifts. About 25 were there. She received some wonderful gifts and we all enjoyed the time together.
Taylor's mom, Tammy, came from Hampton, VA.
The three Lewis girls: Katie Beth, Meagan and older sister, Cindy, or is she the mom? It's so hard to tell.
The girls from Raleigh who visited with us last weekend gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers which we used for the shower. It's in the background on the buffet - pink roses, fuji mums and baby's breath. The teapot and cream and sugar set on the buffet table belong to Danielle Renstrom; they were her Grandmother's. I'm just giving them a safe home for a while until Bennett and Eden are a little older. Maybe someday we'll use them in a bridal tea for them! I'll try to post a better picture that shows the flowers and tea set. Thanks, girls, for your thoughtfulness.
Meagan's Grandma Betty and Aunt Corky drove up from Greenville, SC.

As favors for our guests we made these tea bags and attached them each to an embroidered handkerchief.
Carleen Maslar helped by making a corsage using a lace handkerchief that has been in Meagan's family for several generations. Meagan's mom, Cindy carried it in her wedding.
Pam Howell and Debbie Baker helped with the shower. Pam brought the yummy cucumber sandwiches and then took over my kitchen for the afternoon! Debbie got up early Saturday morning and made about 50 chicken pockets which were a hit! These two ladies have been a blessing in Meagan's life for many years and wanted to be a part of this special event for her. Meagan, you couldn't choose two more precious ladies to look up to!
Meagan and Taylor are getting married January 3, 2008. It's been a joy to see how God has brought them together. We know He has great plans for them in the future!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Weekend Guests from Raleigh

Loved having these girls spend Friday evening and Saturday with us on their little "Mommy-ran away-from-home" retreat.

Family Vacation

Just a few rather random pictures from the last few weeks. We all met on Isle of Palms near Charleston, SC for family vacation this year. What a great time with four generations under one roof! The early morning crew on the porch reflects the oldest and youngest. We took some group pictures down at the waterfront in Charleston. As you can see, with our gang, some of the little ones were running out of patience with the picture process. This last picture of Bennett was taken at our house before we left for Charleston. While we were fixing breakfast one morning, Bennett arranged this comfy seat for herself on the coffee table to watch cartoons.

Friday, June 20, 2008

A New Granddaughter!

What a great day! After waiting for an extra week past due date and then all day of Danielle's being induced on the 19th of June, Eden Hope Renstrom made her grand entrance on June 20 at 12:01 a.m. We were so excited to be there when she arrived, waiting (impatiently) in a nearby waiting area. Daniel was texting us with frequent updates, and Danielle was actually posting her progress on their blog ( Those of us waiting were rewarded with a chance to see and hold her when she was just minutes old.

We feel so blessed to have a third little girl to add to our family. Eden weighed 7 lbs. and 2 ozs. She's got lots of dark hair and a sweet little face that reminds us all of her big sister Bennett. Bennett is so gentle with her, just kissing her lightly on the hair and giving her "air hugs."

Daniel and Danielle are doing fine though it has been a rough couple of days. Daniel was diagnosed with strep throat Thursday morning before taking Danielle to the hospital. Danielle remained in good spirits even though she must have felt like the pregnancy was never going to end.

Our Friends from up North

It was so fun to see Sara and Molly again and to meet Molly's husband Jeff as well as their two girls Emma and Grace. We also enjoyed meeting Diana, their other sister, and her family - husband Chris and four of their five daughters: Brenna, Emily, Catherine, and Grace. What a wonderful family. We were blessed to have them stay with us for a night on their way to a week at Hilton Head.

Greta's 1st Birthday

It's catch up time, but I couldn't post anything without going back to highlight some highlights first.

Greta turned 1 while in Alaska visiting Natalie's family and celebrating Bernie and Angie's wedding. We loved hearing about her special day and the moose birthday cake that Natalie made for her. We celebrated her birthday with her before she left. She is opening the little scooter that we hope she'll enjoy giving Will rides on.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Not in Kansas Anymore

This past weekend Sandra, Pam, and I traveled to Tampa/Clearwater to be a part of Sharon's four performances of the "Wizard of Oz." It was a fabulous production with a cast of over 40 and an additional 15 or so stage crew. The colorful set and costumes were complimented by the fresh approach to the familiar story.

Sharon is giving some last minute instructions to her cast.
Here the Munchkins are excited because Dorothy's house has landed on the Wicked Witch of the East. In this scene they sing and dance to a cool arrangement of "Ding, Dong the Witch Is Dead" intermingled with "Celebrate Good Times."
Everybody loved this scene where the crows taunt the scarecrow. The crows danced as the scarecrow sang, "Shake a Tailfeather." The Tin Man sings "If I Only Had a Heart."
Arriving at Oz.
Somehow, in the midst of all the performances we did find some time to enjoy Florida. Friday morning we all went for a walk on the causeway, and then Sunday evening after Pam left to go back to Charlotte we went to Honeymoon Island to watch the sunset.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Teacher's Lounge Makeover

Since I consulted with several people on ideas for this project, I thought I'd post some pictures of the outcome. Just finished redecorating the teacher's lounge at Northside Christian Academy. It had been 15 years since originally furnished and in recent years had begun to look bedraggled, plus it had become a dumping ground for assorted equipment. It was fun to clear it out and try to make it an attractive, restful retreat for the teachers.

I love representational pieces such as the picture above the chairs. Found it at Hobby Lobby as a poster and I put it in a ready-made frame. Much cheaper than buying already framed art. But the best part - the title showing underneath the three trees is, "Standing Together." It also reminds me of Psalm 1:3. Check it out.
The plaque on the wall by the door has one of my favorite verses, Psalm 19:14, "Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeember."

One of my favorite pieces, I actually didn't capture in the picture - the area rug. I got a great deal on it at Rug and Home Outlet in Gaffney. It's a contemporary design fitting the rest of the room and has color blocks of tan, black and the wine color of the loveseat. It helped tie the colors of the room together.
Most of you know that I don't consider myself a decorator, not by any stretch of the imagination. But this was a chance to try something I knew I couldn't do without the Lord's help. He's truly the Master Artist.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

More Birthday Re-Cap

Last weekend, 4/11-4/12, we went to Raleigh to hang out with the kids and celebrate Scott's birthday. Leigh Anna wasn't able to come in from Raleigh. We missed her! For dinner Friday night we went to the Angus Barn where the guys all got their red meat fix.

Bennett is thinking, "Only three candles? He looks a bit older than that."
The girls provide all the entertainment that we could possibly want.

After the meal, our waitress, Florence, took the girls back into the kitchen and fixed them some ice cream. It was fascinating to see all the cooks working over the prep areas and the hot grills.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Papa Squat!

To most people April 15 is income tax day. But here at Renstromania, it's double birthday time! Scott and his mom both share April 15 as a birthday. So.... just for the occasion, I'm actually creating a new blog! Here's a picture of Mimi Renstrom holding Greta when we were down in FL visiting in January. Greta got to help pick oranges and grapefruits from Mimi and Papa Renstrom's trees.
Here's the birthday boy with Bennett. Scott enjoys being a grandfather as much as anything he's ever experienced. He's never happier than when both girls are in his arms. Last weekend we enjoyed some time in Raleigh with Bennett and Greta and their parents. Today Bennett called (with the help of her mommy) and said, "Happy, Happy Poppy!"

Still one of the favorite girls in his life, Leigh Anna poses with Scott in front of a wine rack somewhere; but as far as I know, they're both drinking ice tea. Speaking of birthdays, in a few weeks Leigh Anna will be twenty and we will no longer have a teenager in our family. Now that makes us feel old!
One final birthday note - Today at my office at church a bouquet of flowers was delivered. Inside was a card from Scott that said, "Because of you all my birthdays are happy ones!" How's that for sweet? And.. how many men send their wives flowers on their own birthdays?
Happy Birthday Scott! - from Susan
Happy Birthday Papa Squat! - from Daniel, Danielle, Adam, Nat, and Leigh Anna
Happy Happy Poppy! - from Bennett and Greta

Monday, January 21, 2008

"Adore and Tremble" Is Released

Friday, January 18th was the official release date for Daniel's new CD, "Adore and Tremble." Family came from Huntsville, AL; Charlotte, NC; Clearwater, FL; and Lynchburg, VA; not to mention the friends from Liberty and the folks all over the Raleigh area. The concert packed out the Delta Lake Center at Providence Baptist Church and what a thrill it was to see what God has done. Around 600 folks came to the concert and about that many CD's were sold! May God continue to multiply and bless this ministry. Anyone interested in buying "Adore and Tremble" can go to for information.

A shout-out to Grandma and Papa Ward - Daniel told the crowd, "They're a great part of the reason this family loves the Lord."

Now we know where Daniel gets his strumming ways! Anybody for a little dueling strings?

Saturday morning at the hotel we celebrated Adam's 26th birthday. Natalie gave him a kayaking trip at the Whitewater Rafting Center. Guess he'll have to wait for the ice on the river to break first. Greta Jean got to hang out with Grandma Jean for a little while Saturday morning.
We also enjoyed a trip to the new Orchid Conservatory at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. This morning, January 21, Mom, Dad, and I took a ride down to the new exhibit. How beautiful! It's amazing to see how many varieties of orchids there are - all enclosed in this tropical paradise. Guess what! Because they are card-carrying members of the Huntsville Botanical Gardens, they got in free. Sandra, we all owe you an apology!
Of course, when the ballgames are on, we make time for that. Sunday afternoon we took in the game and again Sunday night after church.